Shine ~ Trailer Trash Jazz Band @ America's Classic Jazz Festival ~ 2012


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A crew of amateur and professional musicians gathered in the parking lot prior to the Annual America's Classic Jazz Festival. This was a day or two before the festival opening at Lacey, Washington on the campus of Saint Martin's University.
In order to achieve the remarkably high level of expertise that we desired, most of us gathered to practice out in the parking lot amongst the trailers, motor homes and tents for three days before our dramatic on stage extravaganza. It was great fun for all of the band members, and the audiences were kind and tolerant. Many of them actually seemed to enjoy our musical renditions of old jazz & blues standards.
WOW, what a grand party it was!

Members of the Trailer Trash Jazz Band:

Bert Barr - Our Great Leader & boss of the cornets -
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band -
Rose Barr - Our Great Leader's wife (the real boss) - piano
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band -
Bob Schulz - cornet - Bob Schulz Frisco Jazz -
Tom Warner - cornet -
Jeff _______ - trumpet
Chris Deits - clarinet
Ray Walker - reeds
Wayne Clews - saxophone
A big guy with a German accent - washboard
Gary Clark - trombone
Cork Larsen - banjo ~ Cork's Crew - Walterville, Oregon
_________ - banjo
_________- banjo
Lee Thompson - tuba
__________- tuba

_ 6-27-2012

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